We have a new house (for the boiler)

It looks a little unsightly with the factory wrapping still on but it’ll look ok once we’ve painted it up to blend in with the wall, but this is the new enclosure for the gas boiler which is going on the living room balcony.

It’s very high - it remains to be see where the condenser unit for the living room split air conditioner is going to go as the internal part is directly behind this enclosure, but we’ll find out soon as the A/C is due to be moved from our current home to the new one today. So long as they make a neat hole for the cable and pipe (one which keeps the spiders out!) I don’t care.

Boiler enclosure

We’ve put a down payment on the boiler to reserve it just so we could build the enclosure to the right size - we needed to do this now because the rain was getting in where the under floor heating hoses entered the building.

You can see here the temporary “wall” we built to try and stop the water getting in.

Inside the boiler enclosure

I have no idea how it all works - I should have demanded an operation and maintenance manual for the heating system. I think we’ll need to label where all these hoses go in case we need to adjust the heat in any of the rooms… as I hope we can.