We have some ceilings up!

The ceiling in the left hand bedroom is nearly finished - the one in the other bedroom is well on the way.

I’m not too sure how the pelmet is going to work - it’s still a very wobbly fit and it’s not too clear where the curtain track will fit. It looks upside down if anything, but I’m sure it’ll be alright on the night!

Coffered ceiling in bedroom 1 Raised ceiling and pelmet near window in Bedroom 1

This is a kind of before and after shot except that the left hand photo is the right hand bedroom (looking towards the window) and the other one is the nearly finished ceiling in the left hand bedroom (looking back into the room from the window).

You can see the beam running across the room near the window in the first photo, and how this is covered and extended back into the room in the other photo.

Ceiling under construction in bedroom 2The dropped ceiling extends the width of the beam towards the centre of the room 

Doorway from the living room (on the right) to the bedroomThis photo was taken from the bedroom doorway, looking up to show the finished dropped ceiling in the bedroom and the still exposed concrete beam in the living room. We had been thinking of making the ceiling level lower in the living room - to allow us to hide the curtain track without needing to use a pelmet at the balcony window but it really would be too low and look a bit odd - maybe even claustrophobic as this level would be used all the way through to the entrance lobby - so we’re just going to drop it down to the same level as we have in the bedrooms, and hide the curtain track as beautifully as we can. That’s a problem created by the design of the room - the balcony window is simply too high.

If the finished effect really irks us then we can think about putting a shorter window in.