Revised living room curtain track position

Originally we planned to put the curtain track on the soffit in the window recess but this is a problem because it is too close to the window (for aesthetic reasons) and also it is likely to leave a gap at the sides of the curtain (it will be difficult to fully close the curtain at the sides).

The alternative position is one which won’t work quite so well with look of the dropped ceiling which we will have all around the room, but it’s one we will need to live with.

Living Room Curtain Track Position

The plasterboard will need to be installed as normal (covering the area indicated in the picture, which shows the curtain track) and then a piece cut out to the exact size of the curtain track.

We will just need to make sure not to put the supporting steelwork for the plasterboard in this zone.

The finished appearance should be something like this (but NOT a red curtain track!):

 Finished ceiling with curtain track

Another revision :/

We want to hide the curtain rail as much as possible so we will need to lower the level of the dropped ceiling a little bit though, of course, this will affect the level of the dropped ceiling all the way through to the entrance, and may lead to a difference between this and the level which has already been set in the kitchen.

Like this - note the lower level of the ceiling which hides the curtain rail:

Curtain rail is hidden by the lowered level of dropped ceiling

The benefit of this position is that we can then match the position which we will use in the bedrooms, where the ceiling height will be higher than in the living room and where the curtain track will sit back from the window, hidden behind the edge of the ceiling (instead of using a pelmet).

It may be necessary to move the curtain track further away from the window and drop the ceiling down a little further to:

a) hide the gap between the top of the curtain and the track, and

b) ensure that the top of the window is visible when you walk into the room

This image shows the track set further back from the window and with the dropped ceiling set at a lower level, though it should be borne in mind that this same level will apply to the ceiling all the way through to the entrance.

Curtain track set back a bit further and ceiling lowered a bit more

This is the bedroom window where we can set the ceiling at whatever level we like and fully hide the curtain track and the top of the curtain:

Bedroom Window

The same can also be done in the kitchen:

Kitchen Window