General progress update

The new apartment is still plodding along but there’s a dispute between the developer and the residents about a mansard he wants to build on the top of the building. They don’t trust him and say he’s going to try and build another floor (I was up there last week and I don’t think that’s even feasible) and they’re trying to block his planning application so he’s retaliated by threatening not to install the lift. It’s all talk - Georgians are very good at talking and not so good at doing. I’m sure I won’t offend any Georgians by saying that because they are basically good people who can be honest with themselves - they have their national traits and flaws just like all other nationalities have theirs… throughout history us Brits have demonstrated much more serious flaws than simply not being able to agree with each other!

Terrace RoofA byproduct of this dispute is that the application for our new terrace roof is all bound up in the same planning application, so all I can do is stand firmly on the sidelines shaking my head until they manage to sort it out between themselves. I could care less, if I tried. Anyway, it’s something I won’t need to spend money on for another month or two so I can juggle the pennies a bit and bring some of the other works forward. I’ve received all the electrical stuff from the UK now, so that can go in when a couple of our own guys find themselves at a loose end, and they’ve started putting the frames up for the coffered ceilings. I was there yesterday to make the final decision on the sizes and where we’re going to put the lights, so I’m expecting to have all the ceilings up within the next fortnight.

Kitchen DesignWe went to see just such a kitchen manufacturer on Thursday, and I found it very useful to be able to pull up this website on their computer and show them everything - even the kitchen equipment we’ve selected, and links to all the datasheets. I was a bit dubious when we pulled up outside a little cafe on a street in the back of beyond - a place in Tbilisi they call “Africa”. We went in and asked where the furniture place was and we were directed to a little door - it led to a showroom full of really top notch stuff which, itself led to a huge modernised and very professional-looking warehouse where they made all of this stuff. The Sales Manager who greeted us there really knew his stuff and it was refreshing talking to him. He took us all over the factory and up into the offices to see samples of the worktops and other materials. They’d obviously done all the offices out themselves (they doors and general furniture too) so the offices themselves were a bit of an eye-opener for me.

I was very impressed with what I saw and listened to.