Kitchen - alternative design option

I like this kitchen. Lana has gone off the idea of a “classic” kitchen and decided that the designer’s idea (with a few colour changes) is ok, so we need to have a re-think.

What I like about this kitchen is the lighting and the colour, but the problem is that we’re planning on putting a darker colour floor there and, also, Lana doesn’t want a “white” kitchen… though this seems to be a very light yellow, so it’s possible she’ll like it.

I think we do need a lighter colour floor in the kitchen and also the living room and hallway because the darker tile will tend to soak the light up rather than reflecting it back. I had a similar colour floor in my kitchen in England and the downlighters there lit it up just like this.

We could just use the darker flooring in the bathroom and the bedrooms and use this lighter one for the main daytime living areas.

A nice light kitchen

A very rough impression of how the above would look in our kitchen is shown in the fantastic work of art below:


A few points for the designer to note here:

  1. The colour, lighting, and cupboard door style/colour needs to match the kitchen at the top of the page, including the same curved-triple pendant light which must be positioned over the dining table.
  2. The kitchen units must not go all the way to the end of the room because it is possible that we will change the door to the terrace into an outward swinging double door to allow Georgi to drive his wheelchair out there on his own, so we need to keep the end of the room as empty space.
  3. The wall cupboard height has been lowered and the ceiling also lowered so that we can hide the concrete beams - the ceiling raises up to full height again near the window.
  4. The wall cupboard and base unit doors all need to be in the same rebated style as the light coloured ones above, and also we will need handles like the ones shown above so that Georgi can pull them open more easily.
  5. The fridge needs to be a silver-grey colour.
  6. The table colour needs to be changed - it it likely that we will have a table cloth on the table but it will probably be a wooden table top.
  7. The white chairs shown there should be changed for normal wooden dining chairs, like this: