First kitchen design received…

We received the first design of the kitchen today. I’m going to be completely fair to the designer here because I don’t know what - if any - guidance he was given as to what sort of a kitchen we were looking for, but getting the design right is a process and we have to start somewhere, so here it is.

Kitchen design 1

My first thoughts are that the final version will look nothing like this apart from the fact that all of the equipment and furniture is in the correct place. It would have been useful to also receive one showing the room looking back from that far corner, but I think we should get the designer to change a few things first.

It looks nice but nothing special - there’s no WOW! factor there - I think we need something which looks warm and inviting, and interesting.

Firstly we were planning to put the same type and colour of floor tile there as we have in the bathroom, and the kitchen units will need to be either faced in a different (real) wood veneer, or else built completely out of wood (and we think we know someone who could do that - though it may prove to be too costly).

I think we want a more traditional look to the kitchen - the pendant light he’s thrown in there looks pretty awful to me but, then again, my idea of what we should put there may look just as awful to Lana, or to someone else…

The picture I have on my computer desktop at work is of Darlington’s Bank Top Station, just after it was opened in the 1880s…


Original platform lighting at Darlington Bank Top StationYou can see there the original platform lights (whether gas mantle or electric arc it’s hard to see) but after seeing the retro-style LED lamps which they have in the Hard Rock Cafe here, earlier this week, it made me think that they’d look great in an old style paraffin storm lantern or - just maybe - a scaled down version of one of the lights shown in the above picture. I am sure that there are craftsmen in Tbilisi who could make such a thing - I think the problem would be the glass but maybe we can find a glass blower here too. They’d look great as dining lighting hanging from the roof over the terrace, too. It’s an idea we can think about for the future.

In fact, I’ve just seen this which is not too different to what I had in mind for the lights, only replace the lamps with the retro-LED ones:


I do rather like the brick face on the wall. I did see some tiles in the tiling shop which were reminiscent of a stone wall so something like this would make a nice feature, in my humble opinion.

If we go for the traditional look then I think we’ll need to look at a wooden table and chairs - there isn’t a lot of room there… “tea for two” is all we’ll be looking for on that table.

As for the lighting at the top of the kitchen units - the concealed light at the top looks good, but I’m not sure about the downloaghts (type or positions). When we were talking about cabinet lighting I had in mind the idea of having concealed lighting underneath the wall cabinets… either hidden behind a small pelmet at the front, or hidden at the back somehow - so it looks a bit like the light from the cooking hood. We might want to hide the duct leading up from the cooker hood

The yellow colour looks ok against the white ceiling but if we’re going to have wooden cabinets up there then we’ll need to take a look on the internet to see what will work. The choice of wood is very difficult because both Lana and myself agreed that it needs to look slightly warm, but without being over done. A quick look on Google images revealed this, which is the closest I can find to what we mean - I think this is cherry wood (and, needless to say, more expensive - but it has to be right!):

Image result for real wood kitchen

Lana also wants some of the cupboards to have glass doors, so this is a good example of that. This also shows the type of under-cupboard lighting which I mentioned earlier.

I notice they’ve got green walls up there, above the cabinets. This looks good to me (I like green and wood) but I’m not sure how this might work with the darker floor which we’re thinking of installing, but this is why we have a designer!