Pendant Light for Dining Table

We’re putting a pendant light over the (very) small dining table in the kitchen. I went to the Hard Rock Cafe in Tbilisi last night and quite liked the one I hit my head on there. The shade was about a half metre diameter hemisphere (like a dome shape) but I really liked the vintage style of lamp it contained, which looked exactly like this:

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Picture found here:

What - to me - look like decorative items on the holders in the picture remind me of the ones used to turn the wick up on an old paraffin (kerosine) heater we used to have, and also on an old paraffin lantern we used to have at the observatory in Darlington. I still remember the smell!

The heater we used to have was identical to this - it was hinged where you can see the silver coloured ring at the top of the base, inside of which was a kind of kettle with a float-type level gauge on it.

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Here’s someone who’s converted and old paraffin lantern (also known as a storm or hurricane lantern) into a desk lamp using a similar type of lamp (note: the are not “bulbs” they are lamps!). They’re a good match because the quality of light these lamps produce is very reminiscent of the light we got from these lamps.


Fuerhand kerosene lantern (West Germany) converted to an electric lamp with a touch switch brightness control