A new standing wheelchair for Georgi

We needed to buy not only a new wheelchair for Georgi. but also a standing device of some sort so we decided to spend what left we have in the bank on a standing wheelchair.

We’ll be a bit short for a few more months but we’ll get by.

Come to Georgia - the 6TH safest country in the world

Well, those of us who live here have always felt pretty safe as compared to somewhere like the UK… but it’s nice to have it confirmed

According to the latest global crime index Georgia is the 6th safest country in the world. Only South Korea, Taiwan, Hong-Kong, Japan and Singapore are considered to be safer places to live.

If you like living dangerously then Venezuela, South Sudan, South Africa, Papua New Guinea, and Honduras are for you.

Georgia‚Äôs larger neighbours didn’t fare quite so well with Ukraine, Turkey, and Russia coming well down the list, though both Azerbaijan and Armenia made the top 30 in the list of safest destinations.

Here comes Summer?

imageIt’s a beautiful warm day outside in sunny Tbilisi today, and the weather centre says that the warm and sunny weather will continue until February 17, then get a bit wetter and cooler.

The Wissol petrol station thermometer outside never lies - the met office says that temperatures will reach +21 degrees in western Georgia and +18 degrees in eastern Georgia and Tbilisi… and that’s what we’ve got Smile

It should get a bit cooler from Friday when we can expect the temperatures no higher than +14 degrees.

Globe-pedalling Doctor says Georgia one of most beautiful places he visited

Stephen Fabes, a junior doctor from London, has spent six years cycling round the world. He cycled across six continents from Europe to the Americas, from Africa to Asia - all on his bike, with the exception of intercontinental flights.


Georgia in Autumn - photo by Stephen Fabes

The BBC’s Rayhan Demytrie met up with him in the Georgian capital Tbilisi, as he was preparing to pedal his way home. He had made a big loop of the country and pronounced it one of the most beautiful he had visited.

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Georgia celebrates the day of its greatest king - David the Builder

Today’s Photo of the Day in the Georgian Journal is a beautiful photo taken by Georgian photographer Badri Vadachkoria, depicting Gelati Monastery in Kutaisi where the great king David IV is buried.

Today (February 8) marks the Day of David IV, also known as David the Builder (Davit Aghmashenebeli in Georgian), largely considered as the greatest among Georgian kings.

Gelati Monastery in Kutaisi by Badri Vadachkoria


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