Terrace Tiled!

We actually ran out of tiles and the shop only had the same range in a different shade, so we had to do a border but I think it turned out well!





Paint… at last!

We’ve finally got some paint on the walls and ceiling. Not quite finished but it’s starting to look the part.

All the ceilings are flat white but for the walls and coffers we used Caparol Samtex 20, which is like a vinyl silk finish. It may look like we made a mistake by not using a flat finish for the coffers, but this is a (cough) design feature as these are bedrooms so although the finish on the soffit looks a bit too shiny we haven’t got the curtains up yet (which will cut the reflection down a bit), we won’t be using these rooms much when it IS light, it’ll be good for washing dead mosquitoes off (very important!), and it’ll help to lighten the room up in the morning when we really will appreciate that little bit of help in waking up!

We’ll only be using the silk finish for the walls everywhere else!

This is Georgi’s room. The colour on the walls is COELIN 55 and the slightly darker shade on the ceiling border is COELIN 60. It’s a kind of green-blue colour.

 image image

This is the other bedroom. The colours here are APRICO 175 for the walls and APRICO 180 for the ceiling border.


The Apricot colour will also be used in the kitchen, while in the living room and entrance lobby/corridor we are using a yellow colour called CURRY 115 & 120.

Internal Paint Colours

We’ve finally decided on the paint colours for the rooms. Caparol is widely available in Tbilisi so we want use CapaPlus (it says CapaTrade on the tin) Silk Emulsion so we can wash mark off it more easily.


I think the above paint may be only manufactured by Caparol in the UAE (caparol.ae) so the equivalent which seems to be widely available in Europe is Caparol Capaver Silk Finish:


All ceilings will be white but the wall colours of the room will be generally yellow for the living room and corridor, peach for the kitchen and one of the bedrooms, and blue/green for the other bedroom, so the colour key for the the living room would look like this:

Living Room Colours

Living Room & Corridor

Walls: Caparol CURRY 120

Caparol CURRY 120

Coffered Ceiling (Ceiling Border plus Ceiling in Corridor): Caparol CURRY 115

Caparol CURRY 115

Georgi’s Bedroom

Walls: Caparol COELIN 60

Caparol COELIN 60

Coffered Ceiling (Ceiling Border): Caparol COELIN 55

Caparol COELIN 55

Other Bedroom & Kitchen

Walls: Caparol APRICO 180

Caparol APRICO 180

Coffered Ceiling (Ceiling Border): Caparol APRICO 175

Caparol APRICO 175

In all areas except the kitchen the coffered border around the edges of the room will be a slightly darker shade of the wall colour, with the rest of the ceilings in white. This begs the question of what to do where the coffer at the living room entrance continues through as the corridor ceiling? Either we paint that ceiling in the yellow colour or paint it white but have a yellow edge to it where it forms the coffer in the living room.

I think it would look better if we simply continues the yellow colour through on the corridor ceiling - so it would look something like this:

Corridor Ceiling Colour

In the kitchen the whole of the ceiling will be white.

All the Caparol colours are here:


Mustn’t forget about corner guards!

Wall corner guardI can’t remember where I took this picture but it shows a nicely thunk about corner guard which shows that they don’t need to be unsightly stainless steel armour plating. I suppose it’s possible to simply make them fairly robust but replaceable, and hardwood would probably be better at taking (and hiding) the inevitable knocks from Georgi’s wheelchair than ceramic… the thought crossed my mind of using the same wood-effect ceramic tile we have on the floor, but it would chip very easily.

Final (or maybe not) kitchen material & colour selection

We returned to the kitchen materials shop today to discover that the materials we liked first time around weren’t laminated MDF after all - just laminated chipboard - so we needed to make another selection.

Lana’s favourite was what she called “Dirty White” (Code 0811) - with one aspect of the purchase being on her mind… how to keep it looking clean. Lana is holding the floor tile we’ll have in the kitchen, to see how it looks.


The alternative (my favourite, Code 0804, but not so easy to keep looking clean) was the more yellow colour:


It’s difficult to see the colours properly on the internet, or even take a decent photo of the material in the shop, but they were on display in the same place so this gives an approximate comparison of the two shades of colour:


The lower one is definitely a more grey colour. Possibly the closest I could imagine the kitchen looking like in the colour which Lana chose is something like this:


It IS an incredibly difficult thing to decide on - I think the best we can do in a situation like this is to just go for it and, if we don’t like it, put up with it and  put it on our list of improvements to make once we’ve got over the financial hump of getting the place fit to live in.