Another view of the revised kitchen design

We received another picture of the revised kitchen design - this one is looking back from the terrace door back towards the entrance.

Kitchen - looking from the terrace door towards the entrance

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First kitchen design received…

We received the first design of the kitchen today. I’m going to be completely fair to the designer here because I don’t know what - if any - guidance he was given as to what sort of a kitchen we were looking for, but getting the design right is a process and we have to start somewhere, so here it is.

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First impressions

We took our first look at the house today or, more correctly, our first look together; Lana had already been there to check it out and had some reservations about the proximity of an adjoining building to the apartment she liked the best, but we managed to get around the problem by choosing an apartment on the next floor up.

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and so it begins…

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