Our new doorway

We have our new doorway between the entrance lobby and the hallway. There’s storage space behind the facing wall - plenty of room for shoes and stuff!

The door will hinge on the right hand side of this photo and swing towards the front door - more for emergency exit reasons but there’s also no obstructions swinging it wide open that way.

For the uninitiated this would make it a left hand reverse swing door - doors are “handed” according to which side the hinges are on, and from the side of the door you would be on if you were entering the room.

It’s about a metre wide at the moment but we need to add about 100mm to the left hand side to allow room for the door frame… it wouldn’t look good if the door closed right against the wall. It’ll still be wide enough to get a wheelchair through it.

Inner door at entrance

More thoughts on colours

This is NOT our apartment (wish it was) but I posted it not simply because I like the colours, but also the glazed doors in the corridor as well as the big arch. I like the floor too - I think this colour of floor tile would have been my first choice had we not decided to emulate a wooden floor.

Maybe this is something for the future - it we’d decided to combine the two apartments and turned the living room in the big apartment into a dining room then I think this would have worked well… we could have put double doors like those at the entrance to the dining room and kept the dining and sleeping areas beyond quite separate from the rest of the apartment.

Nice colours and doors

A new doorway and a new archway

We’ve decided to add a door between the entrance lobby and the hallway. We’d been thinking about having the bathroom door with a right hand reverse swing (pulling out towards the front door) but this won’t really work if we add this new door, so the bathroom door will need to be a normal left hand swing (in towards the bath). We can make a small cupboard or something to the right to the door (as you enter the house). The door will need to be glazed to avoid blocking all of the light from the entrance lobby.

New inner entrance door

The new door will be a single leaf left hand reverse swing. An alternative would be to add double doors at the entrance to the living room, but we can add this later if we wish, and everyone seems to agree on putting one near the front door - this will help block any disturbing noise coming from the stairwell/lift, and also help to spare our neighbours from any noise leaking out from our home.

We’re also going to make the entrance doorway (which will remain just as an opening) into an archway, like this:

New archway for kitchen entrance

To allow better access for the wheelchair it might be better to widen the opening - as a guide the opening into the kitchen in our rented apartment is 1 metre wide x 2.26m high, which is plenty big enough. The ceiling height in the kitchen will be ≈ 226 cm so this would give an archway like this:

Archway into kitchen

First impressions

We took our first look at the house today or, more correctly, our first look together; Lana had already been there to check it out and had some reservations about the proximity of an adjoining building to the apartment she liked the best, but we managed to get around the problem by choosing an apartment on the next floor up.

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and so it begins…

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