Archway to the kitchen

The archway to the kitchen is better than it looks…


A more head on view, and you can see the profile looking rather better in the reflection in the balcony door, shows that the arch is not too far from being a perfect hemisphere. If this was done purely by hand and eye then it’s not a bad effort.


The green circle is what I would have considered to be perfect but I actually prefer the top of the arch being a little higher (as shown by the red circle) and it doesn’t stretch the imagination too much to see how good it could be made to look with a bit of fine tuning… and with the walls being finished properly. Perhaps even line the arch and/or disguise any rough edges with architrave, or some creative paintwork…


Mustn’t forget about corner guards!

Wall corner guardI can’t remember where I took this picture but it shows a nicely thunk about corner guard which shows that they don’t need to be unsightly stainless steel armour plating. I suppose it’s possible to simply make them fairly robust but replaceable, and hardwood would probably be better at taking (and hiding) the inevitable knocks from Georgi’s wheelchair than ceramic… the thought crossed my mind of using the same wood-effect ceramic tile we have on the floor, but it would chip very easily.

Spaghetti Junction

We’ve finally had the consumer unit fitted in the wall behind the front door. It was a job made more difficult because it need to be recessed into the wall due to the front door frame being right up against the wall. We still needed to leave a bit sticking out otherwise there was a danger of knocking a hole right through to the apartment next door, but we can fit a door stop to prevent the door from hitting it. The door should still open about 90 degrees, even with the door stop in place.

The panel should have been screwed in, really, but the recess was a real honeycomb once we’d made it - with nothing to get a good fix to - so it’s basically been plastered in place… but it seems pretty solidly fixed in there.

Now all we need to do is fit all the breakers and connect it to the mains when we the electrician is free to come back to the house (he’s busy on another job for the time being) but we can feed all those cables through the top of the panel now, and get the ceiling and the wall finished and painted.

The ceiling will be coffered which will make it easier to hide the cables where they go from the ceiling down the wall - there’ll be a 250mm lowered ceiling height border around the entrance lobby.

Consumer Unit

More thoughts on colours

This is NOT our apartment (wish it was) but I posted it not simply because I like the colours, but also the glazed doors in the corridor as well as the big arch. I like the floor too - I think this colour of floor tile would have been my first choice had we not decided to emulate a wooden floor.

Maybe this is something for the future - it we’d decided to combine the two apartments and turned the living room in the big apartment into a dining room then I think this would have worked well… we could have put double doors like those at the entrance to the dining room and kept the dining and sleeping areas beyond quite separate from the rest of the apartment.

Nice colours and doors

Bedroom Curtain Pelmet

The picture below shows the pelmet in the bedroom, with three variations.

The middle example is how it has been installed (just for show). Our first thought was to make it a little wider (top example) but we’ve decided to make it the full width of the room because, once it’s painted, it’ll look much less conspicuous… it will blend in much better with the ceiling and look less like… a pelmet (or “cornice” as they call it round these parts).

Bedroom Curtain Pelmet

Here’s how the ceiling in the living room is coming along… we’ve had a bit of a break in the works, for one reason or another, but we’re moving along again now.

Living Room Ceiling