“Lana’s” Doors

At long last the doors have been installed. This was Lana’s little project and we’re very happy with the quality of the doors and the installation.

These are the doors leading from the living room to the bedrooms.

Bedroom Doors (Living Room Face)

This is the left hand door in the above photo, as seen from inside the bedroom:

Georgi's bedroom door seen from the inside

The quality and style of the architrave was particularly pleasing:

Bevelled Architrave

The Turkish door handles Lana chose go well with the doors:

Door handle & frame View from inside the other bedroom:

Door as seen from inside the other bedroom

Bathroom door (on left) and inner entrance door:

Bathroom door & inner entrance door

This is the inner entrance door closed. Actually this was the only screw up because the intended handing was left-hand reverse swing - this is a right-hand swing.

Never mind…

Wrongly-handed internal entrance door

Doors are handed according to the way they are opened when entering a room. In this case we wanted the hinges on the other side and the door to open TOWARDS the front door because it would open that little bit wider and it would be better if it was that way in case of an emergency exit situation.

As it is the door “just about” opens to 90 degrees but this before we fix the skirting to the wall where the end of the door touches, then we may need to add a door stop but, if we’re careful about that, then it shouldn’t affect it very much.

If necessary we can turn the thing round but we’ll see how it goes.

This is the bathroom door in the opened position. It swings all the way in to an obtuse angle to make it easier to get Georgi into the bathroom. The WC will be beyond the end of the door, as it’s shown here. The washing machine will be behind the right-hand side of the door frame as seen in this view, so the door couldn’t open that way.

Bathroom door

Living room

This is where the TV will go. We have 2 double sockets and a Cat 6 outlet for a better TV internet signal.

The kitchen lies behind this wall - you can see the kitchen window and door to the terrace in the background.

The small balcony on the left is where we (will) have the hot water boiler which also feeds the underfloor heating which we have throughout the apartment.

I hope it all works!


…and it was all yellow

Lana took these photos of the living room today - same room, same paint, but she says the one on the right is more like it looks in real life.

Lana used the word “kindergarten” in her description of what it looks like, so I’m scared to go there now!

I’m sure it’ll look ok with the floor cleaned and some furniture in there.

image image

The Arch

I quite like the archway into the kitchen now, even with all its current imperfections.

Maybe we could have a bigger archway (or half-arch) at the wall in front of the side window?


Internal Paint Colours

We’ve finally decided on the paint colours for the rooms. Caparol is widely available in Tbilisi so we want use CapaPlus (it says CapaTrade on the tin) Silk Emulsion so we can wash mark off it more easily.


I think the above paint may be only manufactured by Caparol in the UAE (caparol.ae) so the equivalent which seems to be widely available in Europe is Caparol Capaver Silk Finish:


All ceilings will be white but the wall colours of the room will be generally yellow for the living room and corridor, peach for the kitchen and one of the bedrooms, and blue/green for the other bedroom, so the colour key for the the living room would look like this:

Living Room Colours

Living Room & Corridor

Walls: Caparol CURRY 120

Caparol CURRY 120

Coffered Ceiling (Ceiling Border plus Ceiling in Corridor): Caparol CURRY 115

Caparol CURRY 115

Georgi’s Bedroom

Walls: Caparol COELIN 60

Caparol COELIN 60

Coffered Ceiling (Ceiling Border): Caparol COELIN 55

Caparol COELIN 55

Other Bedroom & Kitchen

Walls: Caparol APRICO 180

Caparol APRICO 180

Coffered Ceiling (Ceiling Border): Caparol APRICO 175

Caparol APRICO 175

In all areas except the kitchen the coffered border around the edges of the room will be a slightly darker shade of the wall colour, with the rest of the ceilings in white. This begs the question of what to do where the coffer at the living room entrance continues through as the corridor ceiling? Either we paint that ceiling in the yellow colour or paint it white but have a yellow edge to it where it forms the coffer in the living room.

I think it would look better if we simply continues the yellow colour through on the corridor ceiling - so it would look something like this:

Corridor Ceiling Colour

In the kitchen the whole of the ceiling will be white.

All the Caparol colours are here: