More thoughts on colours

This is NOT our apartment (wish it was) but I posted it not simply because I like the colours, but also the glazed doors in the corridor as well as the big arch. I like the floor too - I think this colour of floor tile would have been my first choice had we not decided to emulate a wooden floor.

Maybe this is something for the future - it we’d decided to combine the two apartments and turned the living room in the big apartment into a dining room then I think this would have worked well… we could have put double doors like those at the entrance to the dining room and kept the dining and sleeping areas beyond quite separate from the rest of the apartment.

Nice colours and doors

Another view of the revised kitchen design

We received another picture of the revised kitchen design - this one is looking back from the terrace door back towards the entrance.

Kitchen - looking from the terrace door towards the entrance

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Revised kitchen design received

clip_image001I like it! The appliance to the left of the oven is a built-in dishwasher so the controls will be hidden… there will just be a horizontal pull handle to pull the panel down.

The full-length glass backsplash shown has removable panels so we could have put pictures behind there if we want, and would have made for easier cleaning of the panels too… but Lana wants to have tiles there instead so, no glass.

Since posting this we’ve received another view of the kitchen looking back towards the entrance which also shows the table and a fridge (which I like but it’s not the one we’ve chosen, or can obtain!).

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Kitchen - alternative design option

I like this kitchen. Lana has gone off the idea of a “classic” kitchen and decided that the designer’s idea (with a few colour changes) is ok, so we need to have a re-think.

What I like about this kitchen is the lighting and the colour, but the problem is that we’re planning on putting a darker colour floor there and, also, Lana doesn’t want a “white” kitchen… though this seems to be a very light yellow, so it’s possible she’ll like it.

I think we do need a lighter colour floor in the kitchen and also the living room and hallway because the darker tile will tend to soak the light up rather than reflecting it back. I had a similar colour floor in my kitchen in England and the downlighters there lit it up just like this.

We could just use the darker flooring in the bathroom and the bedrooms and use this lighter one for the main daytime living areas.

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First kitchen design received…

We received the first design of the kitchen today. I’m going to be completely fair to the designer here because I don’t know what - if any - guidance he was given as to what sort of a kitchen we were looking for, but getting the design right is a process and we have to start somewhere, so here it is.

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