Let there be heat!

As you can see the underfloor heating (UFH) has been installed. We decided to install it everywhere… just hope it works!

This shows the manifold on the balcony outside the living room as well as the tubing laid inside the room. We will put an enclosure around it all once we buy the boiler and install a light in there too.

Underfloor Heating Manifold & Living Room

Standing back a bit you can also see the same installed in the kitchen.

Underfloor Heating in Living Room & Kitchen

Looking through the kitchen you can see the UFH in the hallway beyond.

Underfloor Heating in Kitchen

This shows the kitchen and the hallway UFH in more detail. Not sure we should have installed it underneath where the fridge and the kitchen units are going, but it’s done now so we’ll just have to live with it (though it shouldn’t be a problem).

Underfloor Heating in Kitchen & Hallway

First impressions

We took our first look at the house today or, more correctly, our first look together; Lana had already been there to check it out and had some reservations about the proximity of an adjoining building to the apartment she liked the best, but we managed to get around the problem by choosing an apartment on the next floor up.

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and so it begins…

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