“Lana’s” Doors

At long last the doors have been installed. This was Lana’s little project and we’re very happy with the quality of the doors and the installation.

These are the doors leading from the living room to the bedrooms.

Bedroom Doors (Living Room Face)

This is the left hand door in the above photo, as seen from inside the bedroom:

Georgi's bedroom door seen from the inside

The quality and style of the architrave was particularly pleasing:

Bevelled Architrave

The Turkish door handles Lana chose go well with the doors:

Door handle & frame View from inside the other bedroom:

Door as seen from inside the other bedroom

Bathroom door (on left) and inner entrance door:

Bathroom door & inner entrance door

This is the inner entrance door closed. Actually this was the only screw up because the intended handing was left-hand reverse swing - this is a right-hand swing.

Never mind…

Wrongly-handed internal entrance door

Doors are handed according to the way they are opened when entering a room. In this case we wanted the hinges on the other side and the door to open TOWARDS the front door because it would open that little bit wider and it would be better if it was that way in case of an emergency exit situation.

As it is the door “just about” opens to 90 degrees but this before we fix the skirting to the wall where the end of the door touches, then we may need to add a door stop but, if we’re careful about that, then it shouldn’t affect it very much.

If necessary we can turn the thing round but we’ll see how it goes.

This is the bathroom door in the opened position. It swings all the way in to an obtuse angle to make it easier to get Georgi into the bathroom. The WC will be beyond the end of the door, as it’s shown here. The washing machine will be behind the right-hand side of the door frame as seen in this view, so the door couldn’t open that way.

Bathroom door

3D - living room & bedrooms

You need to do the cross-eyed thing and to see the effect. Click the images for a larger version…



Bedroom - before and after



Paint… at last!

We’ve finally got some paint on the walls and ceiling. Not quite finished but it’s starting to look the part.

All the ceilings are flat white but for the walls and coffers we used Caparol Samtex 20, which is like a vinyl silk finish. It may look like we made a mistake by not using a flat finish for the coffers, but this is a (cough) design feature as these are bedrooms so although the finish on the soffit looks a bit too shiny we haven’t got the curtains up yet (which will cut the reflection down a bit), we won’t be using these rooms much when it IS light, it’ll be good for washing dead mosquitoes off (very important!), and it’ll help to lighten the room up in the morning when we really will appreciate that little bit of help in waking up!

We’ll only be using the silk finish for the walls everywhere else!

This is Georgi’s room. The colour on the walls is COELIN 55 and the slightly darker shade on the ceiling border is COELIN 60. It’s a kind of green-blue colour.

 image image

This is the other bedroom. The colours here are APRICO 175 for the walls and APRICO 180 for the ceiling border.


The Apricot colour will also be used in the kitchen, while in the living room and entrance lobby/corridor we are using a yellow colour called CURRY 115 & 120.

The skirting has arrived!

The stone skirting we ordered has arrived and is starting to be installed.

The radius on the top isn’t as perfect as I’d hoped, but we’ll live with it. That’s something we might be able to correct one day but the top edge needs a good polish anyway so that might iron out a bit of the flat spots. I know it’s possible to produce a nicely rounded edge - I bought some marble from Turkey for the Marriott Courtyard Hotel in Tbilisi which had beautifully rounded and polished edges. If anyone ever visits that hotel then the bar and the hot and cold buffet counters a bit further along from the bar were all drawn up and procured by yours truly. The cold buffet counter in particular (a sort of London Underground logo shape) was well worth the sweating and loss of sleep in the days leading up to it arriving and being fitted. We had Indian stonemasons on that job - they were the best of the best!

Here’s what it will look like after a bit of spit and polish - it goes quite well with the floor:

Stone Skirting

The skirting has just been loose-laid for the most part so far, but this is what the room will look like:



Mitring was never my forté so this is a lot better than I would have managed - even in wood. Once it’s permanently fixed, filled, and polished it should look ok. We could even round those external corners off a bit.


There’s a bit of jiggery pokery going on where the door opens but that will look ok after a final polish.

Adjustment needed to allow for the door to open

The living room flooring is nearly finished now.

Living room flooring nearly finished

This shows the plastic spaces and wedges which are used to get the floor perfectly spaced and level with each other. It’s a slow job and a little bit expensive but it needs to be done right because Georgi’s electric wheelchair, especially, is very heavy so the floor needs to be rock solid with no voids, and no flexure as there are underfloor heating pipes laid below it.

Plastic Spacers and Wedges

We’re now thinking of using the same material to form the ramp up to the bathroom floor level. I still need to think about this a little because I would have preferred the door frame to be where the wall is rather than set back into the bathroom (and looking plain ugly from the inside) but there’s no reason why we can’t have a large gap between the bottom of the door and the ramp. It might even be possible to adjust a drop seal enough to cover that gap.

Stone ramp to bathroom floor level